Guidelines for Greenhouse Water Management

Greenhouse hydroponic cultivation already uses water more efficiently than field-based production systems. However large amounts of water and fertilizers are lost in free draining hydroponic systems. Water use efficiency can be improved by collecting drain water and reapplying it to the crop. In this way, greenhouse growers can further improve their water use efficiency and consequently become more sustainable producers.

Why greenhouse water management is becoming increasingly important

Consumers are increasingly looking for quality produce that is healthy, safe and at the same time cultivated sustainably. Therefore, greenhouse growers and managers are expected to take the necessary measures to reduce their environmental impact. 

What will you find in this whitepaper?

This whitepaper provides greenhouse owners and managers an overview of practical tips for the application and recycling of irrigation water and nutrients in the greenhouse. These practices will help you to grow an optimal crop and comply with existing (European Water Framework Directive, 2010) and future government legislation aimed at reducing nutrient emission to the environment.

The following topics are discussed in detail:

The greenhouse water cycle
Primary water quality
Root zone irrigation management
Technical design of the irrigation system
Cleaning drain water
Nutrient management

It concludes with a useful checklist of all the tips and points of attention.