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Integrated solution for precision growing

Your productivity depends on the optimum balance of every process in your business. From cultivation to harvest, from water management and energy management to creating the right climate. Managing all these aspects can be quite a challenge. We provide an integrated solution of climate, energy, and water management, allowing you to create the perfect circumstances for growing plants in an indoor facility. The result: a predictable high-quality yield, year-round.

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Accurate control of your growing facility

To keep a plant in balance, you have to create the perfect growing conditions for your crop. To achieve this, you will need to have accurate control of the processes in your indoor growing facility. For example, light, temperature, CO2 concentration and the flow of water and fertilizers need to be effectively adjusted to one another as accurately as possible. The more accurately you can control your indoor facility, the more your crops will benefit.

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Integrated controls for the best result

That is why our systems are all integrated with each other. A total integration of water, climate, and energy management ensures that you have complete control over all technical processes that are relevant in cultivation. No matter what crop you grow, Priva enables you to link and control all the processes and systems in your business; allowing your crops to grow perfectly, just like your business.

A complete solution for indoor growing

With years of experience and knowledge of technologies in horticulture and building automation, Priva delivers solutions that perfectly control indoor growing environments. Light, temperature, air humidity, CO2 concentration, and the flow of water and fertilizers are managed with precision by our hardware and, software and online services & applications. Our control system automatically anticipates on internal and external influences that affect your cultivation. By linking all processes together, you create the most stable climate, bringing about an optimal crop result. Natural resources such as energy and water are used as efficiently as possible. This enables you to achieve sustainable growth and maximize profits.

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