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Priva Sensors

For an optimal crop development, temperature, light, humidity and CO2 concentration must be in perfect balance. This requires precise measurement and control. Priva supplies a wide range of sensors: from weather sensors to climate sensors and from PAR sensors to water sensors. The values that are measured by the sensors, can be integrated into your Priva process computer. This way, you can provide the ideal growing conditions for your crop.

Priva Sensors | Measuring Box
  • Get a grip on the cultivation process

    Quick and accurate measurements for optimal process control

  • Insight into crop growth factors

    By mapping the values of temperature, light, air humidity and CO2 concentration per compartment

  • Achieve a higher quality and quantity of your crop

    By measuring and controlling light and CO2 for an optimal photosynthesis process

  • Automatically check and control the EC and pH levels in your water

    By using dual EC and pH sensors and a water flow sensor

Weather sensors

The measurement of wind speed and direction, precipitation, temperature, (outside) air humidity and the amount of sunlight is of great importance to achieve a stable climate in the greenhouse. Based on data from our Precipitation sensor, the air vents are controlled automatically to maintain an optimal indoor climate. With the Outdoor RV-sensor you can measure the relative air humidity outside the greenhouse. This is important because it can differ greatly with the humidity in the greenhouse. Our Irradation sensors measure the outward heat emission of the greenhouse. To prevent heat loss from the greenhouse, the screen closes sooner when the sky is clear thanks to the sensor. This prevents damage to your crop and saves energy. With our Weather station, all the measured data is sent to your Priva process computer. The computer takes this data into account and based on those calculations, the processes are being controlled automatically.

Priva Meteo Mast

Climate sensors

The traditional Priva measuring box (T + RH) measures the relative air humidity and the temperature per compartment per greenhouse. The E-measuring box goes one step further. It is a highly advanced instrument for electronically measuring the temperature, relative air humidity and - in a separate module - the CO2 content electronically. The Priva E-Measuring box, with the COmodule if desired, is intended for quick, accurate measurements.

CO2 is of vital importance to the growth of plants. This makes monitoring the CO2 indispensable in a greenhouse. The Priva CO2 Monitor is a digital meter that measures and monitors the carbon dioxide concentration within the greenhouse. The CO2 Monitor uses air that is drawn in for measurement. With a COselector this can be done for multiple locations.



Priva PAR sensor

PAR sensor

Photosynthesis is the starting point of every crop. With the PAR sensor (photosynthetic active radiation), you can measure light to create the right balance in your photosynthesis process. This results in a higher quality and quantity of your crop. 

With the Priva PAR Sensor, the specific part of the light spectrum that activates photosynthesis can be measured 24/7. Based on the light quantity from the PAR sensor, your process computer calculates how you can use shading curtains, CO2 and the growing light for the best result.

With the Priva Plant Temperature Camera you can gain precise insight into the temperature of the crop. This temperature says something about the transpiration of your crop and the cell-division speed. This allows you to make even better adjustments in the automation processes and achieve the highest yield. 

Water sensors

The correct EC and pH levels are essential factors for the healthy growth of your crop. Together with the Priva process computer, you can automatically check and control the EC and pH levels using dual EC and pH sensors. Together with a water flow sensor, the unique Priva pre-calculation of the desired EC and pH dosing rates is being determined. Then, based on the values from those dual EC and pH sensors, the process computer simultaneously corrects for deviations from your desired recipe target levels. For an optimal water management in, for example, your water storage tanks and fertilizer stock tanks, you can also choose for a Pressure sensor.

When growing in substrate, you can accurately measure both the exact quantity and the EC value of the drain water by the Priva drain sensor. In combination with the Priva Groscale (weighing scale), the water dose is set automatically in line with the growing conditions, the condition of the plant, and the condition of the substrate. This is done based on the plant's requirements. 

Fresh Farms California strawberries tunnel | Priva

To achieve the ideal climate, you must have the correct sensors and carry out the right measurements. Priva helps us to control our greenhouse in the best possible way based on reliable measurements. That saves time.

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  • Total integration

    A seamless integration of our sensors into the Priva process computer

  • Flexible and future proof

    Choose the sensors which suits your business best

  • Minimum maintenance

    Designed to require minimum maintenance

  • Solid and durable

    Super robust design: water, dust and fall-proof

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