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Which process computer fits your (tunnel) greenhouse and ambitions best? We provide different solutions for process control and greenhouse automation.

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We provide different types of process computers to automate your (tunnel) greenhouse processes. So whether you are a horticultural entrepreneur with a high-tech closed greenhouse system, a farmer with a simple but effective solar greenhouse or a grower with a plastic multi-span greenhouse; we can help you to fulfill your ambitions.

Priva Connext
  • For every type of business

    A wide range of process computers which are customizable in line with your specific requirements

  • User friendly operation

    Clear user interface with intuitive dashboards and graphs

  • Central platform

    Single, central network for all greenhouse automation systems

  • Remote monitoring

    Control your processes anytime, anywhere

Process control
You want to automate the processes of your horticultural business as efficiently as possible, but the type of your business, the size, your crops, and of course your ambitions strongly determine how precise the processes need to be controlled. One thing is for sure: the more accurately you can control your horticultural business, the better your crop grows. A fully automated greenhouse is well within reach.

Different climate needs
A greenhouse provides the perfect environment to link and adjust all processes. But when growing in tunnels, you have to deal with much more challenges, like changes in climate and nature, pest and disease attacks and unhealthy soils. Besides, growing vegetables asks for different climate needs than for example soft fruit cultivation. 

Choose the right Process Computer

How do you know which process computer fits your business and ambitions best? We are happy to guide you in the right direction! Just fill in our tool and we will show you the best process computer for your business.


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Manage and monitor your climate, water and energy remotely

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Because we can operate everything easily with the Priva process computer, we are able to grow cucumbers at a high level. That means high volumes per square meter which results in a low environmental impact per cucumber.

- Owner cucumber nursery Reijm & Zn. Jan Reijm

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