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Priva Nutri-Line

Are you having trouble finding a stable dosing for your fertilizers? With the Priva Nutri-Line systems, the fertigation of your crop is perfectly controlled. You will immediately see this in the crop quality and your production yield.

Priva Nutriflex
  • Maximum crop quality and production yield

    By optimal control of fertigation

  • Lowest costs per m3

    Valuable nutrients are being used as effectively as possible

  • Multipurpose

    Suitable for all type of growing systems

  • A wide range of water solutions

    From entry-level to advanced

Precision fertigation

When working with hydroponic or other soilless growing systems, precision and accuracy are key in obtaining the maximum quality and yield. Priva Nutri-Line fertilizer dosing systems offer the right solution for precision fertigation, giving you the right tools to get the most out of your crop.


Priva Nutri-Line systems are compatible with all types of greenhouse water systems and suitable for both protected and outdoor crops. The systems are based on several mixing principles, all offering you precision and control. From entry-level to advanced: you choose the Priva fertilizer dosing system which suits your crops and business.  



Optimal intake of nutrients

The Priva Nutri-Line systems realize a stable pH and EC of your irrigation water. The right pH level is essential for the optimal intake of nutrients for your crops. This prevents deficiencies and diseases and provides excellent plant quality. The right amount of water and nutrients at the right time means the valuable nutrients are being used as effectively as possible. This is realized by our advanced controls and our robust and reliable water solutions.


Total integration

You can control the Nutri-Line system via one central process computer. This way, you can link all your systems in your greenhouse: from water management, to climate control, to energy management or even management information systems. Of course, it is also possible to use the Nutri-Line functions as a stand-alone unit.

Total control over your crops

Would you like to explore the possibilities of the Priva Nutri-Line systems for your business? Don't hesitate to contact one of our experts!

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Priva Nutrifit


The Priva NutriFit first doses the fertilizers into a mixing tank. This system can reach capacities up to 25 m3/hour. The number of dosing channels is flexible, and can be configured based on your desires.


The Priva NutriFlex does the same as the NutriFit, but is able to go up to 100 m3/hour. This system can also automatically blend low doses of trace elements and cleaning agents by using separate low-volume dosing channels.


The NutriJet is able to dose directly into a closed mixing chamber with water flow capacities of up to 80 m3/hour with its inline-system. Due to smart design, the NutriJet doesn’t need a filling pump, which makes this system more efficient. With the Nutrijet Bypass, you can increase this capacity to up to 140 m3/hour. This system is also able to automatically blend low doses of trace elements and cleaning agents by using separate low-volume dosing channels.

Nutri One

The Nutri One does not use a mixing chamber or tank. The fertilizers are mixed in the mainline. It has up to 4 dosing channels and covers main line capacities up to 120 m3 per hour.
Priva Nutrijet
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Our ‘water footprint’ is something we pay attention to every day. With Priva, we can ensure the correct and most precise application via the fertigation lines. Now we are able us to reuse water and with that, to achieve significant savings.

Strawberry grower - Ulrich Osterloh
  • Precision fertigation

    Stable and accurate control of EC & pH

  • Durable and low maintenance

    Easy maintenance due to the construction with sustainable materials

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