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Priva Neutralizer

Water and fertilizers make your crops grow, but you also need a stable pH level in your irrigation water. The Priva Neutralizer makes sure you get a stable pH. This way, your plants can absorb the fertilizers more effectively, which results in better crop growth. Moreover, the vitality and taste of your crops will improve significantly.

Priva Neutralizer
  • A stable pH

    A stable pH value from the fertilizer unit down to the roots

  • Healthy crops

    Improved growth, taste and vitality of your crops

Removal of bicarbonate

An unstable pH-level in the irrigation water, created by high levels of bicarbonate, has a negative impact on the uptake of nutrients by the plant. The Priva Neutralizer makes sure you get a stable pH by removing bicarbonate from all kinds of water. This way, your crop is able to absorbs minerals more efficiently. The reduction of bicarbonate also makes your drippers less susceptible for any kind of blockage.
Priva Neutralizer

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How it works

How does the Priva Neutralizer remove the bicarbonate from the water? It combines acidification and aeration to reduce the bicarbonate concentration to a desired maximum value of 0.3 - 0.5 mmol/l. This makes the pH stable and makes it easier for the plant to absorb zinc, boron, iron, and copper. These minerals improve the growth and taste of the crops.

  • Less blockage of drippers

    By reduction of bicarbonate

  • Easier absorption of essential minerals by plants

    Thanks to a stable pH value

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