• Increased fruit production by optimal irrigation and fertilizer dosing

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Priva Moisture Balance Module

The precise control of water and fertilizers is essential in crop production to lift the quality throughout the chain at a higher level. Our Moisture Balance Module ensures precise and timely irrigation and dosing of fertilizers. This smart water irrigation solution contributes a great deal to reaching a higher production and a better crop quality.

Moisture Balance Module | Priva
  • Higher production and better crop quality

    Optimal balance between oxygen and moisture level in substrate results in healthy root development

  • Environmentally sustainable

    The module results in less use of resources like water and fertilizers

  • Control a larger growing area

    The module simplifies the irrigation management for multiple varieties or breeds

  • Wireless sensoring

    Analyze the moisture level of the substrate wirelessly

Optimal irrigation strategy

The Moisture Balance Module makes sure that you can start the irrigation at the right moment and dose the right amount of water and fertilizers. This module determines the optimal irrigation start strategy, based on three important influences: the quantity of water evaporated, the desired amount of drain water and the water content of the substrate. This way, your crop can develop itself optimally because of the precise and timely addition of water and fertilizers.

A higher crop quality

The Moisture Balance Module automatically adjusts the irrigation control in line with the growing conditions, the condition of the plant, and the condition of the substrate. The Moisture Balance Module makes sure that you dose the right amount of water and fertilizer at the right time. The result: a higher crop quality. In addition to this, the module results in less water and less fertilizer usage. This is a very large benefit, especially in areas where water is scarce, water quality is poor, or water is expensive.

(Wireless) sensoring

The Moisture Balance Module requires sensors to execute the optimal irrigation. It’s possible to connect these sensors wirelessly to the Priva system. The module works with either the Priva GroScale weighing scale combined with a drain sensor, or with moisture sensors. Both sensors analyze the moisture level of the substrate. The data is used by Moisture Balance Module to control water and fertilizer dosing and timing. 

Costa Berries alt="Costa Berries">

The Priva Moisture Balance Module enables us to irrigate at specific moisture contents. It removes most of the guesswork for irrigating substrate berries. Substrate conditions can be managed more precisely, and root health is being optimized.

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  • Water content reacts to weather conditions

    The measured data is transmitted (wirelessly) to the computer

  • Optimal protection of your crop

    Less chance for diseases by a healthier crop

  • Optimum oxygen content at the roots

    By weighing the substrate in combination with drain measurement

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