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Priva EcoFan+

With our Priva EcoFan+ you can achieve a more evenly balanced climate within your greenhouse. Recirculation of the air helps leaves to perspire, preventing overheating and scorching – and promoting more even growth and better resistance against disease. Priva EcoFan+ contributes to healthy crops with maximum energy efficiency. 

Priva EcoFan+
  • Maximum energy efficiency

    One of the most energy-efficient fans on the market today thanks to its completely overhauled design

  • Improved crop activity

    By creating the ideal air recirculation for your crop

  • Less chance for diseases

    Air recirculation promotes resistance against molds and diseases

  • Sleek design

    Fits air hoses easily and has a strong suspension of the motor

Fans for healthy crops

A greenhouse’s interior climate is far from balanced. Temperatures, degrees of humidity and levels of CO2 all vary. These variations can influence returns and quality, whether you’re growing vegetables, potted plants, cut flowers or other crops. Air recirculation ensures that the air flow in the greenhouse remains at a constant and even level; it equalizes the greenhouse climate. As a result of this air movement, the leaf dries faster and is better able to remove its moisture. This gives molds less chance to develop.


25% more economical ánd an optimal design

One of the most important aspects of a fan is its energy consumption. Owing to its completely overhauled design, the EcoFan+ is up to 25% more economical in use compared to its predecessor. That makes the EcoFan+ one of the most energy-efficient fans on the market today. Besides, The EcoFan+ has an optimal body and suspension. The body was designed to fit easily into air hoses. The motor’s suspension and the support connecting EcoFan+ to structural elements of the greenhouse are very powerful. The EcoFan+ is made using durable and corrosion-resistant materials, making it ideal for a greenhouse’s varying climate.

Priva EcoFan+

Horizontal or air hose ventilation

EcoFan+ is applicable as a horizontal fan, in series or parallel, or as a fan system using air hoses. Air hoses can be fitted below your crop or alternatively at the top of the greenhouse. When put underneath your crop, an air flow there is created, while slow, vertical air movement is generated through the crop. This allows you to limit the use of the heating capacity at the bottom. This way, you will save energy because the minimum water temperature can be limited. EcoFan+ air hoses are available in white and transparent editions.

Available in two capacities

The EcoFan+ is available in two models: 4550 and 5400. The 4550 model has a capacity of up to 4600 m³/h and the 5400 has a capacity of up to 5440 m³/h. Both models are available as 60Hz versions. Boasting a range of over 40 metres, the number of fans you’ll need for proper air distribution can be kept low.

25 tips to improve your bottom line

This white paper will inspire you to take various measures that will make a positive contribution to your bottom line

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  • Total integration

    A seamless integration of EcoFan+ into the Priva process computer

  • Minimum maintenance

    Designed to require minimum maintenance

  • Solid and durable

    Super robust design: water and dust proof

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