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Priva Academy

Our Priva Academy offers knowledge and training about horticulture. It is an online platform that gives growers, employees, schools and consultants access to education about various topics that they deal with on a daily basis. Users can learn more about the different aspects of irrigation, climate, energy and labor and production processes, wherever and whenever they want.

  • Virtual learning with a personal touch

    Online education with direct contact with consultants

  • Multilingual courses

    Courses can be done in different languages

  • A smaller gap between education and practice

    The trainings are aligned with operational activities

  • Low investment costs

    Compared to traditional education, the investment costs are very low

Self-responsibility with e-learning

With the Priva Academy, users are self-responsible for gaining their knowledge. They can educate themselves online with direct contact with consultants. Courses can be taken anytime and anywhere and can be paused and repeated as often as desired. This way, users can work at their own pace without having to travel to obtain relevant knowledge.

Education vs. practice

Learning is an ongoing process. You might learn a lot during studies; you can’t learn everything from a book. How about aligning education with the operational activities? With Priva Academy, we narrow the gap between these two fields. So, if you want your employees to stay trained and competent for the job or educate new employees as quickly as possible, the Priva Academy might be the perfect tool.

Collaboration with schools

At Priva, sharing knowledge is key. Therefore, we are collaborating with training institutes to integrate the Priva Academy in their education program. This way, we are able to connect with future growers and hopefully inspire them to make the most of their study and future job. The Priva Academy contains courses which are designed to let people learn more about the horticulture domain on a basic level.

The Priva Academy also provides insight information into the way Priva products work in practice. The Priva Academy links training institutes to horticultural companies. It makes it easier for horticultural companies to find the right students for internships or new talent and vice versa. Training institutes can also connect with other schools to collaborate –  for exchange programs, for example.

Creating a climate for growth

The Priva Academy contributes to our mission. By sharing knowledge as efficient as possible, we are able to reduce CO2 emissions, because participants do not need to travel anymore to gain knowledge. That is what we call “creating a climate for growth”: with the Priva Academy, we help our partners and customers to realize a smaller carbon footprint and to save on overhead costs.

Training Institutes

We are collaborating with training institutes to integrate the Priva Academy in the education program. Want to know if there is a training institute in your area that offers the Priva Academy?

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  • 46

    The Priva Academy is being used in 46 countries

  • 2185

    The Priva Academy is being used by 2185 people

  • 73,9000

    With the Priva Academy, we have saved 73,9 ton CO2 emissions

  • 2,910,000

    In total, we have saved on 2.91 million euros on overhead costs for the companies which use the Priva Academy

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