• Stay connected to your building and respond to incidents – fast.

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Priva Notification Center

If you’re running a building, you’ll know how important it is to keep your building users happy - and respond to incidents fast. Our Priva Notification Center application makes sure you’re always in control – any incidents that require your attention are sent straight to your inbox, on your phone, smartwatch or via SMS.

  • Anywhere anytime any device

    Choose which notification method suits you best, so that you are always up to speed. By email, SMS or push notification.

  • Direct access to incidents

    Real-time access to relevant data enables you to investigate the incident and solve it as quickly as possible.

  • All alarms in one place

    Receive a notification if your building loses its connection to the Cloud.

  • Multiple buildings

    Suitable for single buildings or large complex estates.


Priva Notification Center is like a ‘critical friend’ for building and FM managers. You can easily monitor plant and equipment and get notified when something’s not right. It’s helps prevents problems from becoming a complaint.


Priva Notification Center is a cloud-based solution. This means you don’t need to invest in complex, expensive ICT equipment or knowledge to get started. The good news is, it’s also very easy to set-up. The only thing you need is a secure connection between the buildings network and the Cloud. The service is subscription-based, so it always fits your business.

Priva Digital Services

Priva Notification Center is part of our Priva Digital Services Suite. For more information on our full portfolio of Digital Services and our wide range of plans, click here

  • Easy Installation

    Install the App on Windows and Android devices using PWA technology

  • Clear and quick

    Immediate alerts and details if alarms arise

  • Complete overview

    Keep an eye on the health, status and performance of critical HVAC equipment

  • Need for speed

    No time is wasted – identify the source of building problems in seconds

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