• State-of-the-art but affordable HVAC-controllers

Priva Blue ID C-Line

Looking for compact, state-of-the-art but affordable HVAC-controllers for smaller projects? The Priva Blue ID C-line is ideal for primary schools, smaller office blocks and projects with many various locations. It helps you to improve the climate control and save energy at the same time.

Priva Blue ID C4
  • Small in size great in performance

    Powerful and compact state-of-the-art controllers

  • Value for money

    The Priva quality at a competitive price

  • Efficient

    Saves energy and also stores your data


The compact Priva Blue ID C-line can be placed horizontally and vertically. It can be placed in almost every electrical panel, even there where little space is available. This makes it ideal for renovations. The low voltage makes the Priva Blue ID C-line extra energy efficient.

Simplicity through integration

It is easy to install the Priva Blue ID C-line. The main controller has everything you need: a powerful microprocessor, various in- and outputs, an integrated webserver and four Ethernet ports with switch functionality. If you wish you can extend the main controller with three more options: a mixed I/O module, a universal input module and a relay output module. The controller can always be integrated in the existing power circuit.

Freedom of choice

Because the project software is your property, you are totally independent when it comes to your choice of a Priva Partner for service and maintenance of your installation

Priva Blue ID C4

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Priva Blue ID C4


The Priva Blue ID is independent of field equipment. Existing field equipment and cabling can be reused. This also allows the right equipment to be applied for your project.

Internet of Things

Priva Blue ID can be accessed both locally and via the internet. This can be done in combination with cloud technology or via a secured connection such as VPN. Because all communication is based on IP-technology, the controllers are prepared for the Internet of Things.

Effectively and efficiently manage your indoor climate?

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  • BACnet certification

    Successfully tested at BIG-EU approved and accredited test laboratory

  • Competitively priced

    Yet with Priva quality

  • Energy efficient

    Low voltage saves energy

  • Fit for smaller projects

    Perfect for schools and smaller office blocks

Improve the climate control and save energy!

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