• Insight into installation performance increases comfort and reduces energy consumption

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Priva BI Metrics

Priva BI Metrics provides insight into the performance of the technical installation. A better performing technical installation leads to higher comfort levels and a lower energy consumption.

  • Clear insight

    Always clear insight into installation performance

  • Targeted maintenance

    Only carry out maintenance on installation parts that need it

  • Easy view dashboard

    Use simple dashboards to simply find problem areas

  • Easy to set up and use

    Low impact for the project organization to set it up and maintain

Targeted preventive maintenance

The cloud service analyzes a large amount of data and shows which parts of the installation do not perform optimally. This allows targeted (preventive) maintenance.

Reporting to building owners

Priva BI Metrics is especially designed for organizations that are responsible for the correct operation of the installations like service organizations and consultants. The tool offers a reporting feature that allows the service organizations to involve building owners in performing sustainable maintenance in a better way. As a building owner or manager, you can also use the tool to optimize the performance of your buildings in conjunction with your service organization.

Save energy and travel costs

Did you know that 70% of all buildings waste energy, because their installations do no longer perform optimally? Thanks to the clear analysis of Priva BI Metrics, you will have insight into which installations do not perform optimally and thus how you can lower the energy consumption. Because the tool can be used remotely, there are substantial potential savings on travel costs by the service organizations; they only need to be on site when it is strictly necessary.

Efficiency at low investment costs

The pilot showed that the return on investment of Priva BI Metrics is less than one year, without taking the financial advantage form the higher comfort levels into account.

The ability to compare certain building performances of different buildings objectively leads to greater awareness, which contributes to a reduction in energy consumption.

Focus on the right things

By creating financial space for the end user, service organizations and consultants are given the opportunity to continue making adjustments and improvements to the installation. The tool ensures that the installation always receives the right attention; attention to avoid performance problems, instead of solving them.

Co creation

The tool is based on the idea of a consultancy agency and has been further developed and extensively tested in co-creation with end users and maintenance parties.

Priva BI Metrics

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  • Easy to use

    Set up and configuration kept simple

  • Great comparisons

    Compare your performance with other building objectively

  • Environmental focus

    Contributes to energy reduction

  • Save money

    A return on investment in less than one year

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