• The building as your personal assistant

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Priva & bGrid

A total building management solution that allows users not only to create a personal indoor climate, but also to quickly find a parking space, a flexible workplace, a meeting room and colleagues. Discover Priva and bGrid: one system with all the functionalities for an optimum working environment.

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  • Indoor positioning system

    Smart building sensors communicate with other Bluetooth sensors in smartphones and tablets via an interface

  • Complete building solution

    One system to which everything in your building can be connected

  • Flexible comfort

    Climate installations and lighting automatically adapt to users' preferences

  • Find workplace technology

    Smart technology helps users quickly find a suitable workplace based on user preference and availability

One system that does it all

Would you like to use a smartphone to set the desired lighting and create a comfortable climate or quickly find a workplace? The possibilities are endless. But how do you avoid the creation of a separate gadget for each building function? The answer is Priva and bGrid: one system that integrates all the building management solutions. That way, you create a building that actively supports the well-being of your building users.

Smart data integration

Integrated smart building sensors not only measure light, noise, CO2 and other parameters, but also the presence of colleagues and machines, right down to the coffee machine. Thanks to smart data integration, the building management system controls all connected installations, systems and devices.

Insight into a building's use and performance

How sustainable is your building, really, in use? bGrid provides facility managers with insight into how the building is used and where improvements can be made. Technical managers see the actual performance of the building in a clear dashboard.


bGrid is compatible with any supplier's hardware and software, and the system is scalable: you can easily add sensors to measure particulate matter or link external data sources, such as current traffic information.

Pays for itself within a year

bGrid makes employees more productive and happier. This system will also significantly reduce energy and cleaning costs. In practice, this investment pays for itself within a year. This applies not only to the high-end office sector; bGrid is also a smart investment for hospitals and government buildings. For example, water pipe usage can be measured to prevent the growth of Legionella bacteria in a hospital. And in a government building, people can find a parking space and a flexible workspace more quickly. That saves a lot of time and frustration.

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  • Personal assistant

    Reserve meeting rooms quickly, find an available flexible workspace and find colleagues in the building with any smart building app

  • Insight into building performance

    A clear dashboard provides insight into the performance of the building and in possible improvements

  • Extensive choice of functionalities

    From smart parking to individual CO2 footprint monitoring

  • Wireless system

    Space and costs for cabling are things of the past

Priva and bGrid: the backbone of every smart building

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