• Climate that supports recovery

    The right climate improves recovery times

  • Prevent Post Operative Wound infections

    Avoid infections (POWI) with ease

  • Prevent legionella infections

    Monitor the infection risk at all times

  • Lower total cost of ownership

    Freeing more resources for healthcare

Care for and care with the best indoor climate

Working with life-and-death-situations, an ideal climate is indispensable. Research has not only proven the right climate is beneficial for a speedy recovery after surgery, it is also necessary for the correct lab conditions to prevent infections such as post-operative wound infections (POWI). With the right climate you can offer a valuable work environment.  

Of course, managing and controlling the climate in all the different areas, each with their specific needs and requirements, can be difficult. After all, since healthcare is becoming more personal, the need for an individual climate also increases. And with the possible stressful situations health care staff can encounter, controlling the climate is one of the last things on their mind.

A perfect climate with easy management

We understand these challenges and have put our experience to work to design the perfect healthcare climate system. With our complete building management system, based on Priva solutions, your climate struggle is a thing of the past. The system controls and monitors the installed systems and applications to ensure the correct climate in each area, right down to the individual operating rooms and wards. 

The system allows you to accurately control temperatures and positive air pressures in all areas. These can be controlled from the user-friendly central Priva Blue ID controller. The system can be supplemented by different control modules or linked to other systems and applications. This ensures you will work with the perfect building management system!

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Monitoring your healthy indoor climate

Besides easy management, you’ll want to make sure that all the vital climate data is recorded and logged. The Priva Blue ID controller does this, but also takes it a step further. The indicator module for legionella also informs you of the infection risk in your hospital or care institution at all times. This allows you to directly take action when needed.

Our complete system ensures that your focus can be where it’s supposed to be: delivering the best health care possible.

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