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The more accurately you can control your greenhouse, the better your crop grows. We understand that managing all aspects of crop growth can be a challenge. With over 50 years of expertise in greenhouse automation, we can help you link and control all the processes and systems in your business; allowing your plants to grow perfectly, just like your business.

Accurate control of your greenhouse

To create the perfect growing conditions, it is crucial that all systems can smoothly work together. An intelligent controller provides just that. It is the heart of your operation and the base of all adjustments. The more systems that are connected and the more intelligent the controller operates, the better your processes reach that optimum balance.

But as you know, the perfect growing conditions do not stop at the greenhouse climate itself. Irrigation, lights, CO2-levels and nutrients; all these aspects contribute to a perfect crop growth.

Letting you achieve the optimal crop growth is what we do at Priva. Creating a climate for growth is what drives us. We understand that the better your processes are handled, the more your crop, your greenhouse and your business can benefit. That understanding, combined with over 50 years of experience, is coming together in our automation systems. We offer a total solution, one that really link all processes and systems in your business, allowing you to accurately control your greenhouse.

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Perfect growing conditions

Your productivity depends on the balance between all processes in your business. Reaching an optimum balance means a higher yield, lower nutrient usage and better crop quality. You also reduce the risk of diseases and crop damage. And besides that; you can save water and resources, which benefits both the environment and your expenses! Reason enough to focus on achieving an optimum balance!

To create the perfect growing conditions, all processes must be linked and adjusted perfectly. A greenhouse provides the perfect environment to do so. All variables that influence growth can be monitored and adjusted to create the right climate for your crop.

Our expert about greenhouse automation

“With the right technology and settings, we can grow tomatoes with just 10% of the water that you would normally need for an open field crop. All greenhouse technology has been developed and tested for years. This technology gives the plants exactly that climate that they need!”

Kevin de Kok, Consultant Greenhouse Automation

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