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Work smarter, not harder

You have probably used Priva’s on-site solutions for years. And this has – hopefully – resulted in a well-performing business. So why change?

Well, upgrading to our cloud-based solutions, growers and horticultural entrepreneurs like you are able to grow their business without compromising their quality of life or walking an extra mile*. Our digital services give your detailed insights into measurements and settings for climate, water and energy. And they provide you with ways to control these settings. Easily and remotely. And that is just the beginning. New features will make your work easier step by step. 

Please note: demos cannot be scheduled on beaches, at parties, mountain hikes or any other places our representatives may be tempted to stay.

*Hammock not included

Grower in greenhouse with smartphone

Think of your greenhouse like your phone

The telephone has come a long way since Alexander Graham Bell patented his voice transmission device. And smartphones aren’t just for tech-savvy nerds: we all appreciate the value the smartphone gives us in our everyday lives. And that’s mainly thanks to its ability to connect to the cloud, which means we get access to convenient features, our contacts, photos and messages are safely stored and we can access and use whatever we need whenever we need it.

The same goes for connecting your greenhouse to the cloud. It may sound daunting – or maybe you don’t think it’s necessary at all. But just like your smartphone, it offers plenty of benefits that can make your horticultural business even more successful. And soon there might come a time when you can’t imagine working without a cloud connection.

Get 7 reasons why you should connect your greenhouse to the cloud

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A sneak peek of the 7 reasons to connect to the cloud

  1. Work anywhere – Don’t be confined to your desk
  2. Work anytime – Your business is always within reach
  3. Connect the dots  – Combine data from multiple sources into valuable insights
  4. Control and share access – Don’t just believe someone’s blue eyes
  5. Safe back-up – Never lose your data and have access at all times
  6. More value with every update – Get more without investing in hardware
  7. Future ready – Everyone knew and loved the never-dying Nokia phone, but how can you listen to music or check the weather forecast on that ancient device?

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