Energy efficiency for St Paul’s Cathedral

Priva Blue ID S-Line and C-Line controls have been installed as part of a major BMS retrofit project at St Paul’s Cathedral in London

  • Fingertip control

  • Short installation time

  • Enhanced front end


St Paul’s Cathedral, London’s iconic 340 year old church realized that its plant room equipment was in need of replacement in order to improve energy efficiency, enhance reliability and meet high heating and hot water demands.


Priva Blue ID S-Line controls were duly selected for the main boiler room at St Paul’s where they now control four new boilers and the primary boiler pumps. With these improved controls, in periods of low heat demand, the boilers are not constantly cycling and wasting energy. 


The benefits of the revamp include increased reliability, and better scalability and flexibility for future modifications. Naturally, there are likely to be significant energy savings too, as a result of enhanced temperature control.