Daylight Greenhouse yields 50% energy savings and better crop quality

In addition to top-quality Phalaenopsis, Dutch family-owned company Ter Laak puts sustainable innovation high on the agenda. In 2018, working with partners including Priva and Stolze Installatietechniek, the company established the very first "Daylight Greenhouse" covering an area of over five hectares.

The unique feature of a Daylight Greenhouse is its ability to convert incoming sunlight into energy that can be used to heat the entire greenhouse complex. This principle, devised ten years ago by Technokas and Wageningen University, is starting to bear fruit for Ter Laak. Not only is the company making energy savings of up to 50%, but plant quality is even better than before. “For this complex project, we found the right partners in Stolze and Priva to share ideas about how best to control the climate in the Daylight Greenhouse.”