Costa Berry minimized guesswork with Moisture Balance Module

Costa Berry Category is a world leader in blueberry varietal improvement. Derek Wright, the horticulturist for Berry Category, chose Priva to help to improve their irrigation scheduling of substrate berry crops.

  • Improve irrigation scheduling for berry crops on substrate

  • Increase the pot moisture in a step-like program

  • Easily and automatically achieve the appropriate dry down

  • Optimise root conditions and avoid fruit quality issues

Costa Berry Category is at the forefront of genetic and growing innovation. The company is committed to sustainable growing and production practices. Precise and timely irrigation would help Costa improve crop quality, increase fruit production and avoid waste of water and fertiliser. 

Priva helped Costa Berry Category, initially at their Corindi site, with improving their irrigation scheduling using Priva Moisture Balance Module. This module determines every irrigation cycle fully automatically based on three important influences: water evaporation, plant water use, and the water content of the substrate.

According to Derek the most essential benefit of Priva Moisture Balance Module is the ease in achieving the appropriate dry down, which improves root conditions and avoids fruit quality issues.

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