Peter Boekestijn about FS Performance

Eggplant grower Peter Boekestijn from Boekestijn Eggplants has been working with Priva’s management information system, FS performance, since January 2017: “Savings between 10 and 20% on harvesting costs are definitely possible.”

  • The Netherlands

  • Eggplant

  • High-tech greenhouse

  • Management information


Based on the experience of colleagues, I can say that next year we will save between 10 and 15% on the harvest and that we will also be able to work much more transparently.

Eggplant grower Peter Boekestijn, The Netherlands

The period before the purchase of the information system was turbulent. High costs in difficult times meant that certain investments were delayed or cancelled in the past. For example, the aging and defective path registration system was not replaced; instead growers switched back to old-fashioned manual labour. However, a good system to keep track of work and harvests has always remained high on the wish list. When space became available for investments, Peter Boekestijn became acquainted with Priva's management information system, FS Performance, via Royal Brinkman.

Would you like to know how Peter Boekestijn saved between 10 and 15% on harvesting costs in one year?

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