Indoor climate important for De Bijenkorf ‘Premium Experience’

With its ‘Premium Experience’ strategy, De Bijenkorf is aiming for a retail experience of the very highest level. The indoor climate is a key element of that. “The new building management system in De Bijenkorf’s Amsterdam store therefore had to be premium too,” explains Nick Hermans, project manager at GUTS installatietechniek.

Ventilation is an essential measure for healthy buildings. “With Priva control technology, the system is now set up in such a way that only outside air is used for ventilation. If the air is not recirculated, virus particles have far less chance of spreading.”

The control tries to find the optimum balance between heat generation and maximum ventilation, for a comfortable, energy-efficient, healthy building

Optimisation is a continuous process and is a real collaboration between De Bijenkorf, Priva and GUTS. For a successful project, especially a premium project such as this one, interaction between people is at least as important as the switching over of the system

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