Your Priva systems’ alarm information is available anytime, anyplace, anywhere with the Priva Alarms App. The Priva Alarm service provides an overview of the alarms in all Priva systems at your horticultural business. It alerts you when an alarm is activated and offers detailed information and documentation about the nature of the alarm.

With Priva Alarms you can also turn off the alarm bell remotely. Priva Alarms is an addition to the existing alarm systems. The app offers greater insight and flexibility while you are on the go. Priva Alarms processes alarm information from all your Priva Connext, Priva Office and Priva FS Performance systems.

  • Anytime, anyplace, anywhere

  • Easy installation and use

  • Multi-user application

Get started easily

Priva Alarms is a service to which you can subscribe. After submitting the subscription form, you will receive your login details to create an account. To get started, just take the following steps:

  • Connect your locations
  • Link your Priva systems
  • Invite your colleagues

Available in the app store

The Priva Alarms app is available in the app stores of Apple, Windows and Android. With the Priva Cloud connection software, your Priva computers are connected in a safe and easy way with the Priva Cloud Service environment. Within this online environment you can invite co-workers to receive alerts and assign them rights to turn off alarms. Users can also retrieve an alarm overview and a confirmation list. The Priva Alarms App on your smartphone allows you to see the alarm history. As an additional reliability measure, Priva Alarms will also inform you if your Priva computers have been unreachable for more than fifteen minutes.

Convenience and overview

Our test customers have helped to develop the Priva Alarms App. Their feedback: 'Installing the app was very easy'. ‘A practical feature is that the documentation is available from the detail screen'. 'It's very convenient that you can see and read the alarm immediately'.

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Would you like to know more?

We are happy to answer your questions. Send an email to: Would you like to get started with Priva Alarms straight away? Fill in this registration form and mention the subscription of your choice. The prices are in euros per year.