For healthy crop growth you want the right dosing system for the fertilizers that are needed. A system with stable dosing, without fluctuations in EC and pH so that your crop can absorb the fertilizers successfully. You will immediately see this in the crop quality and your production yield. Whether you work with hydroponics or substrate cultures. With Priva Nutri-line fertigation of your crop is perfectly controlled.
  • suitable for all protected and outdoor crops

  • Lowest cost per m3

  • Improved crop quality and production yield

Which dosing system do you need?

Similarities: efficient and reliable

NutriFlex, NutriFit and NutriJet have many similarities. All three allow you to fully control fertilizer dosing, taking account of flow, EC, pH, light, outside conditions, etc. The dosing rate is memorized and used immediately in a subsequent cycle. This reduces fine-tuning requirements.

All Nutri-line products work with overhead irrigation, drip irrigation and ebb and flood systems, and are suitable for all protected and outdoor crops. Priva fertilizer dosing systems have a long service life and are reliable.

Differences: system and capacities

NutriFit and NutriFlex first dose the fertilizers into a mixing tank with fresh water. The NutriFit is able to dose water flows of up to approximately 25 m3/hour and the NutriFlex up to approximately 80 m3/hour. The number of dosing channels on the NutriFit and NutriFlex is modular and can be expanded to a maximum of five and ten respectively.

Using the Inline-system on the NutriJet, you can dose directly into a closed mixing chamber with water flow capacities of up to approximately 80 m3/hour. Because the NutriJet only uses a single pump, the system is more energy-efficient. In a Bypass design you can easily increase the capacity of the NutriJet to dose water flows in excess of 100 m3/hour.

In addition to the standard fertilizer dosing channels the NutriFlex or NutriJet can automatically blend very low doses of trace elements and cleaning agents using separate low-volume dosing channels.

Total integration

The Nutri-line can function as a stand-alone unit or be centrally controlled by the process computer.

This allows you to link your systems even further; to water management, climate controls, energy management and management information systems for example, whatever product you choose.

How does Priva realize the highest quality at the lowest cost per/m3?

Priva units are able to realize a stable pH and EC of your irrigation water. The right pH level at the rootzone is essential for optimal uptake of nutrients. This prevents deficiencies and diseases and provides excellent plant quality. The right amount of water and nutrients at the right time means the valuable nutrients are being used as effectively as possible. This is realized by our advanced controls and our robust and reliable water solutions.