There is an increasing demand for improved comfort in work and living spaces, without having to give up modern aesthetics and ease of use. Priva meets this demand with a new and innovative control solution: the Priva Touchpoint One. With this elegantly designed panel, you can integrate heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting, and sun blinds into a single control unit.

  • Integration of climate, lighting and sun blinds into one operation solution

  • Maximum cost efficiency thanks to optional features such as the CO2 sensor

  • Energy savings with the room temperature sensor

  • Increased awareness of energy use through clean-cut graphics

  • User-friendly interface

Comfort, design, and ease of use

Comfort, design, and ease of use come together in the Priva Touchpoint One, a sleek control panel developed especially for offices, hotels, schools or any other buildings. This control solution lets users switch on their own heating or cooling, control sun blinds, and fine-tune lighting intensity through a user-friendly interface.    

Personal comfort in any work or living space  

With the Priva Touchpoint One, your employees can experience the comfort of their own home while at the office. Hoteliers can now pamper their guests with maximum comfort using a stylish and easy to use control solution, allowing them to create their own ideal climate in their hotel room.  

The control unit is available in black or white with customizable color accents, making it suitable for any space. You can set the unit to automatically save energy and increase awareness of energy consumption. This energy-saving mode is indicated by an illuminated green leaf symbol.  

CO2 sensor  

Do you want to maximize the productivity of your people? Then the unique optional CO2 sensor is perfect for you. Now you can control the climate based on the measured CO2 concentration. The CO2 value is being showed as ppm or as traffic light. Now you have maximum cost efficiency and a clean and spacious look with as few cables as possible.

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