Priva Compass Irrigation Editions

Priva Compass Irrigation Editions

One of the most important factors for growth is water. Growing great berries requires good irrigation water and a perfectly matched irrigation strategy based on the crop’s needs. Setting up an irrigation strategy has never been as easy as with the Priva Compass Irrigation Editions.
  • Irrigation only – no unnecessary features

  • Creating an irrigation strategy has never been easier

  • Operable from any device

  • Clear dashboards with great ease of use

  • High tech, yet affordable

Over 50 years of experience in horticulture and a strong technological basis, resulted in Priva Compass, the only affordable high-tech process computer. Choosing Priva is choosing for precision, quality, knowledge and worldwide service.

Your crop, your strategy

Your productivity depends on the optimum balance of every process in your business. Based on your crop and growing strategy, you can adjust your Priva Compass system to meet your requirements. Priva Compass will guide you, enabling you to choose the best options for today and remain flexible in your ambitions for tomorrow. No complex or unnecessary controls, just an easy and intuitive tool, allowing you to stay focused and be in charge.

With the Priva Compass Irrigation Editions you can simply choose the perfect solution based on the number of valves you want to control. Adjust the water dosage, moisture levels and fertilizers and create the perfect combination for your crop.

The right level of precision

Controlling irrigation is not only about ease of use; precision is just as important. Smart control logic and hardware design make it possible to control EC and pH exactly at the desired levels, which is very important if you want to optimize the growth of your crop.

Besides the EC and pH control, precision is also in your strategy. The irrigation strategies can be set to start based on; time, light level, light accumulation, moisture sensors and many other outside conditions. This makes it possible to set the irrigation strategy exactly to your wishes. Off course it is also possible to manually start irrigation or to set up a week program. No other process computer offers you this many possibilities at such an affordable price.

Reliable and professional

We specifically desiged the Priva Compass hardware to match the requirements for your business. The hardware is protected by a fully closed, industrial grade, steel cabinet. Seperated power supplies for the cabinet and field devices make it impossible for field devices to influence your control system. We strongly believe in offering the highest possible quality hardware, while keeping it affortable.

Intuitive dashboards

Priva Compass is operated by Priva Operator, an intuitive web-based application that enables you to control your irrigation and water processes on any device with a web browser.

Priva Operator provides insight into your processes through dashboards, with a complete overview of your entire operation. For deeper analysis, you can choose more detailed views of the system and process controls. Easy to understand, predefined graphs and meters help you to analyze your processes when you need them.

Priva Operator

Local and online (cloud) operation

Priva Compass can be operated locally via Priva Operator, without an internet connection. In addition, historical data is stored for up to 14 days.

You can connect with your Priva Compass via a secure wireless network, making it possible to operate the Priva Compass on any device that is connected to the Compass network. You don’t need a separate operating display.

When you connect your Priva Compass to the Internet, you will be able to operate your Compass system from anywhere, on any device that is connected to the Internet, directly and securely. Furthermore, you can benefit from several Priva Cloud services that will become available in the near future, such as the Priva Alarms app that will alert you immediately in case of alarms or error messages in your system.

Two hardware configurations

The Priva Compass is available in two hardware configurations. With the Priva Compass 2S/25 valves, you can control up to 25 valves. The 4S/40 valves controls up to 40 valves.

Both systems consist of the following control options:

  • Up to 10 irrigation strategies
  • Up to 10 moisture sensors
  • Pump control
  • Flow measurement and control
  • 5 dosing channels
  • EC/pH control
  • 8 recipes for dosing
  • Custom control programs

Easy installation

Installing your Priva is easy and won’t take up much of your installer’s time, thanks to the user-friendly setup web application. When your installer connects his smartphone, tablet or laptop to the Compass, he can access the web application directly.

The installation process starts with a step-by-step plan using visual overviews that help the installer configure the system. This easy to understand installation process ensures that the system will be installed quickly and correctly. A basic knowledge of systems technology is all you need to get started.

The characteristics of the sensors of the most common brands are predefined, making it easy to connect them to the Compass. Once the installation is complete, a visual overview of the connected systems and sensors can be generated from the web application for easy and error-free maintenance.

Priva quality and service

The Priva Compass system consists of robust industrial components that have been tested to the extreme and that have proven their reliability. Priva Compass systems come with a standard two-year warranty. The worldwide Priva Partner network can assist you with installation, service and maintenance locally. Our Priva Helpdesk is on hand to answer any of your questions. 


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