The Priva Comforte-line consists of a series of multipurpose room controllers for use in work and living spaces in commercial premises and residential buildings. Combined with various I/O modules and application software, the units lets you regulate an individually comfortable climate in every space.

  • Turn individual climate requirements into reality

  • Create a customized work environment

  • Ensure great individual comfort, reduced energy consumption and lower installation costs

Realizing individual climate wishes has never been this easy. At Priva, we’re always looking for ways to allow users to create their perfect indoor climate. We think everyone should be able to control their own comfort.

Modular design

All Comforte models have a modular design, consisting of a base module, a power module, andvarious output modules. You can freely choose from a variety of HVAC options and add-on modules.. That’s how you can use them to automate almost any technical installation.

The Comforte-line’s strength is its integration of climate, lighting, and sunblinds control. What’s unique about this connection between different technologies is that it lets you sync processes with each other, so you profit from better individual comfort and lower energy consumption – after all, only workstations that are in use will be climate-controlled to the desired extent.

Comforte models have a modular design. A range of controls is available for the perfect management of induction systems, VAV systems, fan coil units, underfloor heating, and climate ceilings for heating and cooling. Its control technology and operation software are programmed, configured, and maintained through Priva Top Control.

Priva Comforte CX2

Priva Comforte CX2 combines personal comfort and modern design in Priva Touchpoint One, the elegant control solution developed especially for this model. In addition, Priva introduces Roombus: a way to configure technical installations faster and more easily. It’s a plug-and-play concept for integrating smart Roombus technology into your Priva building management system. Its fixed configurations and smart network topology make the Priva Roombus fast and easy to install.

With these new products, Priva responds to the growing demand for personal comfort, modern design, and cost efficiency.

Flexibility on every floor

Do you want to quickly and easily adjust the climate in your building on a floor-by-floor basis? Priva Top Control gives you the option of clustering separate controllers in your various software units. This way, you can adjust them without needing to set up a completely new infrastructure, saving you costly changes to your installation.

Integration at your fingertips

Do you want to integrate heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting, and sunblinds into a single control solution? Priva's room controllers make it easy. Would you prefer a sleek and modern design? Combine Priva Touchpoint One with Priva Comforte CX2 and you have the perfect solution. Using Priva Comforte-line room controllers, you can climate-control your users’ environments according to their unique wishes. Not only that, but these units give you valuable insight into your energy consumption, making power management and saving energy that much easier.

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