• +30% Water and fertilizer efficiency

  • +20% Quality and production

  • +10% Labor efficiency

Every grower faces challenges that influence their business. There are many aspects to take into account, where does one start to realize ambitions?

Buyers all over the world are looking for high quality berries with the best taste and a long shelf life. At the same time, resources are scarce and expensive. How to get the most out of the varieties you grow? And how to use valuable resources like labor, water and fertilizer as efficiently as possible?

We can help you create the solution for your specific situation. Imagine what it would mean for your business if you achieve the results displayed above. 

Technological innovations for improved crop performance

Technological innovations and horticultural knowledge make it possible to increase crop performance. Growing conditions can be optimized and damage from disease, pests and weather influences can be reduced. Cultivation methods that allow precision growing give soft fruit growers more control over the crop. By adapting the fertigation and climate to the plant needs, it is possible to increase yield quantity and quality. A greater uniformity of the crop also helps to increase predictability for your business.

Management solutions for overview and insight

Another area for improvement is management of labor and production. It can be difficult to keep a clear overview of what's going on in the business. Management information systems support your decision making. More accurate planning of labor and production ensures you to deliver on time and keep your promises. The increased insight will reduce labor and operational costs.

Increased fruit production by optimal irrigation and fertilizer dosing

Especially for Soft Fruit growers, Priva designed an optimal irrigation start solution. This unique module determines every irrigation cycle based on the quantity of water evaporated and used by the plant and the water content of the substrate. This optimizes optimal water dosing in line with the growing circumstances, the state of the plant and the condition of the substrate.

The main benefits:

  • Precise and timely addition of feeding solution
  • Optimum development of the fruits
  • Automatic adjustment of the water dosage based on plant needs
  • Less water and fertilizer usage
  • Specially designed for Soft Fruit