• Continuous monitoring of systems performance

  • Individual climate control for each zone

  • Lower total cost of ownership

An optimum indoor climate, without leading to higher costs or complex building management.

The indoor climate plays an important role in the feeling that people have of the time they spend in a store (or shopping mall). If it is too hot, too cold or too stuffy, people leave stores more quickly. Fresh goods in supermarkets should stay fresh, without compromising the indoor climate and the energy costs. How do you ensure an optimum indoor climate, without any increase in costs or the complexity of the building management?

Climate control for each room or zone

The rooms or zones in a building are often used in different ways. A shop space requires a different climate control than the lobby of a hotel or an office workspace. With our solutions, you can therefore choose the desired setting in each zone for:

  • Temperature
  • Light
  • Air humidity
  • CO2 content
  • Security systems

High-value technology, easy to use

By linking the various systems to our central controller, you yourself can easily set the desired or required climate individually for each zone. Without any loss of ease of use, and at any time of the day. Even when organizational changes are made, you can easily reassign the individual controls.

This linking of climate management to an optimum environment creates a great feeling of comfort among your customers and employees. It also leads to lower operating costs. You can also easily link our systems to other building management systems that may already be present.

Saving money and energy

Once the systems have been commissioned, you can continuously monitor their performance with the Priva solutions. Is it in fact not too hot or not too cold, are the rooms/zones well ventilated, what is the energy use, could maintenance be more efficient and cheaper?

Our solutions will give you insight into this 24/7 and also show you where improvements can be made. In this way, you will make considerable savings (in both money and energy), you will offer optimum comfort levels at all times and you will keep control of the Total Cost of Ownership of your building management.

Like to know more?

Our solutions are now used in 1 in 3 non-residential buildings in the Netherlands, and international clients are also increasingly opting for our sustainable products. We are proud of that, and it encourages us to continue innovating. We would be delighted to take a look at what we could do for you.