Have you always wanted to have access to courses about different topics within the horticultural domain? That is possible! We present to you: the Priva Academy. The Priva Academy is an online education service which offers you the possibility to learn more about the different aspects of irrigation, climate, energy and labor and production processes.

  • Online education service to train yourself within the horticultural domain

  • Stay trained and get new employees competent for the job

  • Direct contact with consultants

  • Insight into the learning progress and level

The Priva Academy

The Priva Academy is designed to let you learn more about the horticulture domain on a basic level. It also provides insight information into the way Priva products work in practice. We introduced the Priva Academy in March 2016, at first to train our own employees and Priva partners. At this moment, over 2000 participants have taken a course and we are training engineers in more than 18 countries via the Priva Academy. Now we are ready to introduce the Priva Academy to Priva users in the horticulture market. The Priva Academy helps you to always stay up-to-date by offering information and courses about various horticultural topics and, if applicable, Priva products. It is also possible to have contact with instructors and other participants.


  • Courses can be taken anytime, anywhere
  • Courses can be paused and resumed later
  • Courses can be repeated as often as desired
  • Learn more on domain level and product level
  • Work at your own pace
  • No need to travel to obtain relevant knowledge

Creating a climate for growth

The Priva Academy contributes to our mission: “By sharing knowledge as efficient as possible and by using less natural resources like energy, we are creating a climate for growth.” With the Priva Academy, we help our partners and customers to reduce CO2 emissions and save on overhead costs.


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