• Saving on labor costs

  • Reduction of administrative burden

  • Improving quality of work and harvest

  • Optimizing labor scheduling

  • More accurate production forecast

  • Motivate employees

  • Critical and up-to-date information everywhere in the company

  • Modular and thus futureproof

Efficient labor, a growing production and thus growing business: isn’t that what we all want? It all starts with insights into processes, production and labor. And not only for the large companies, also when you own a smaller company, a good overview can help you improve your performance, have a more accurate production forecast and decrease labor costs. 

As a grower, you have to deal with increasing labor costs. Labor costs are now 20 - 30% of the total cost of horticultural companies, and continue to go up.  The amount of flex workers and seasonal workers has also increased significantly in the past decade. Insight into the efficiency of your employees has become essential, as is keeping them motivated. 
Besides, you want to be able to forecast the production of your horticultural area on which to base the related labor planning. 

Traceability of food is becoming more and more important. Aligning quality and delivery time at every link of the chain will result in profits. There is an increasing need for integration of these links in the channel and more reliable supply information. 

The continuity of your business depends on strategic choices and the performance of your processes. The solution lies in a system that offers insight into all processes, the performance of your employees, the quantity and quality of your production. A solution that helps to keep your employees motivated by showing them their results of the day, week or month. 

Priva has that solution. Priva FS Performance is a complete, modular and flexible solution that offers insight into labor hours, volume and quality of vegetables that come off one plant. 

Priva FS Performance offers a comprehensive solution for registering and analyzing labor and production, for both large and smaller horticultural companies. The program is the result of years of experience and presents all processes, production, and labor information in a clear dashboard overview.