You are always looking for ways in which you can grow even more efficiently. Intelligent cultivation is only truly possible when the plant itself can influence watering, because the more precise the watering, the healthier the root system; production then increases as a result of better absorption of nutrients by the root system.
  • Precise watering leads to healthy roots

  • Healthy root system results in higher yield

Automatic start strategy

With the Priva Root Optimizer, watering is automatically optimized to the conditions, the state of the crop and the type of substrate, based on the plant's needs. This can even be done per growing section, for whichever crop you are cultivating.

The water absorption is determined by a measuring set-up based on a number of representative plants. The result: an automatic start for watering at the right time so that you never have a substrate medium that is too dry or too wet again. The Root Optimizer takes account of the time of day, the correct moisture level, degree of transpiration and an optimal air/water ratio in the substrate.

Exact measuring and knowing

The Root Optimizer uses the Priva Groscale slab weigher, the Priva Drain Sensor and the Root Optimizer Software in the Priva Connext. The Priva Groscale measures the weight of the medium extremely accurately. Disturbances from crop-work are filtered out. What remains is the difference between weight increase and weight decrease and drain quantity; the indicator for transpiration and growth. The software calculates the water absorption and determines the correct water dose. This is done based on the substrate weight, the water dose and the quantity of drain water. Naturally, with the timely supplement of the correct amount of nutrients.

The Priva Root Optimizer is an important, additional link in the closed water system when it comes to fertigation.