With Priva Alarms, we offer you a tool to have insight in what is happening in your building. Anytime, anywhere. Priva Alarms provides an integrated overview of the alarms from all your Priva systems within your building(s), on any device. The system alerts you when an alarm occurs and offers detailed information about the nature of the alarm.
  • Suitable for one or multiple buildings, regardless of type and age of the Priva system(s)

  • Option to inform your mechanical contractor about the alarm automatically

  • Cloud service based on a subscription

When managing a building, you want to discover problems within your building as quick as possible. Whether you are responsible for just one building or for multiple buildings. With Priva Alarms, you can prevent problems from becoming a complaint. You can easily monitor technical installations and be actively notified when something in the Priva system does not perform as it should.

Easy to set-up

Priva Alarms is a cloud based solution. This means you do not need to invest in ICT equipment or knowledge to get started. Priva Alarms fits your business, because the service is based on a subscription. Your subscription scales with your business portfolio. It is very easy to set-up Priva Alarms. The only thing you need is a secure connection between the buildings network and the Cloud, like a Connectivity device.

The benefits

  • Comprehensive solution for buildings with Priva HX and Blue ID hardware.
  • Much less ICT load and highly secure due to the Cloud-based solution.  
  • Priva Alarms can be used on any device with a browser.
  • Improved grip on the solution through self- service user management.
  • A native app is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Interested in Priva Alarms?

Priva Alarms is part of our Priva Building Maintenance Service Packages

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