Priva FS Performance modules

Priva FS Performance Modules

The Priva FS Performance management information system has a modular structure which easily allows you to add modules to your FS Performance system. You can customize your Priva FS Performance with the exact modules to suit your needs and ambitions.


Priva FS Information Display Module

The FS Information Display allows you to share information with your employees easily and gives you the opportunity to stimulate their efforts and motivation. Through real time feedback, employees can adapt their performance immediately. Examples of this are displaying employee performances, displaying the labor planning and any other information that you want to share with your employees. The flexibility of the FS Information Display allows you to rotate multiple types of information on the screen. The information is continuously refreshed.

Priva FS Information Display Module

Priva FS Labor Planning Module

FS Labor Planning is the software application with FS Performance, which allows you to track all your labor performed for each crop.

Priva FS Labor Planning allows you to specify which activities have to be performed during a specific week and for each individual crop. Assigning the available employees to planned activities based on personal performance and/or costs creates the optimal use of labor. FS Performance allows you to monitor the progress during the week, enabling you to adjust quickly and prior to a desired situation.

Priva FS Quality Evaluation Module

FS Quality Evaluation is the software application with FS Performance, which allows you to evaluate your labor on qualitative aspects that are important to your business.

A labor registration system allows you to evaluate employees on speed and performance. However, this alone is often not sufficient to evaluate employees properly. Aspects such as the way an employee performs a specific job and the way the employee handles the product to be harvested are often as important.  By combining performance indicators and qualitative feedback, employees become more aware of the work they carry out. In the end, a better and more consistent level of high-quality produce is what you want. This module is available for smartphones.

Crop and Harvest

Priva FS Harvest Prognosis Module

FS Harvest Prognosis lets you form an expectation of the production that you can anticipate for each crop in the coming weeks based on your registered settings.

FS Harvest Prognosis calculates the expected production in kilograms and kilograms per m2. By using your smartphone, you can register plant counts easily and quickly. The production data from your labor registration system can be placed alongside the expected production data. This tool enables you to set up sales promotions and to inform your customers at an early stage.

Priva FS Crop Registration Module

FS Crop Registration allows you to enter plant characteristics in your PC or register them directly using your smartphone.

Registering on a smartphone means one-time input of data. Once the smartphone has been connected to your company network, all the registrations are sent to the FS Performance server. You can then create various reports from this or, if desired, combine your plant registrations with crop conditions or production data.

Priva FS Pest and Disease Module

FS Pest and Disease makes it very easy to register any pests and diseases that are present and visualize them on a map of your company.

The monitor supports three registration processes:

  • counting pests on sticky traps
  • scouting diseases in the greenhouse
  • scouting pests in the greenhouse

This module shows you the development and can help you analyze production differences. Pests and diseases are registered in the FS Performance portal or on a smartphone.


Priva FS Packhouse Modules

FS Packhouse allows you to create a total overview by linking information from other sources to the Priva FS Performance system.

Priva FS Performance provides various options for both the performance of your employees in the sorting and processing process and for tracking and tracing purposes from the greenhouse through to the sale. Some of this information is recorded in systems such as Priva FS Labour or other labor registration systems. In addition to this, other systems such as grading machines, packing lines and suchlike, can contain a lot of information that can be linked to the Priva FS Performance system. In this way, you can create a total overview from the crop to the moment produce leaves the company.


Priva FS Analysis Module

FS Analysis is the software application with FS Performance, which turns data into information, allowing you to compare crops and compartments easily.

Priva FS Analysis allows you to use Microsoft Excel presenting the information in any layout you prefer. This enables you to detect trends and differences. FS Analysis provides an incredibly flexible way of analyzing all your climate, labor and production information in one overview, helping you to make important business decisions.