• Individual climate control for each room

  • Continuous monitoring of systems performance

  • Lower total cost of ownership

Whether it’s healthcare, schools, museums or government, budgets are constantly under pressure. You want a building with the ideal climate for your patients, pupils, works of art, employees and/or visitors. But what do your budget and the ever stricter legislation on sustainability and energy saving allow you to do? In brief: how do you achieve an optimum indoor climate for your usage and users, while keeping the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of your building management as low as possible?

Climate control for each room

The rooms in your building are often used in different ways. Classrooms require a different climate control than gyms. Office spaces or operating rooms require a different climate control than public rooms. With our solutions, you can choose the desired setting in each room for:

  • temperature
  • light
  • air humidity
  • CO2 content
  • security systems
  • measuring copper and silver sulfite for (government) archives.

By linking the various systems to our central controller, you can easily set the desired or required climate individually in each room. Without any loss of ease of use, and at any time of the day. Even when organizational changes are made, you can easily reassign the individual controls.

Cost savings in the long and short term

However important the indoor climate is for you, high costs for your building(s) should never be at the expense of the quality of your service. We therefore continuously monitor the performance of your systems for you. Is the comfort level good, what is the energy use, could maintenance be more efficient and cheaper?

We will give you insight into this 24/7 and advise you, if desired, of possible improvements allowing you to make considerable savings. You can keep control of the Total Cost of Ownership of your building management and prevent the operating costs from having an impact on your primary task, such as providing care or teaching.

Sustainable for people and the environment

The optimum indoor climate that we can create together with you will ensure that students can concentrate and that employees are more productive. Your works of art and/or archives will be well preserved, and it will have a positive effect on your patients and their caregivers and visitors.

We feel that responsibility in the same way that we feel responsible for the Earth and how we are going to pass it on to future generations. Our products are reliable, have a long lifecycle and enable you to use scarce natural resources as efficiently as possible.

Like to know more?

The modular design of our products means that we have a solution for every budget. This will, of course, include a service level agreement in accordance with NEN 2767. In addition, we are familiar with the applicable legislation and regulations and know what is required for sustainability certifications such as BREEAM. We would be delighted to take a look at what we could do for you.