Priva UK welcomes news of £1.4bn school buildings funding boost

Energy efficiency projects for schools specialist Priva UK welcomes news of £1.4bn school buildings funding boost.

11 April 2019

The Department for Education has this week announced its intention to invest £1.4 billion to maintain and improve school buildings in England over the coming financial year.

This includes over £430 million from the Condition Improvement Fund, covering more than 1,400 projects announced today (Thursday, 4 April). The money also includes almost £800million for local authorities and larger multi-academy trusts to invest in improving and maintaining their schools.

On top of this, the Department has announced over £8 million in interest-free loan funding to be split between 167 academies to pay for energy efficiency projects including heating controls, lighting upgrades and insulation – a move that is much-welcomed by leading BMS manufacturer Priva UK.

Funding for energy efficiency projects 

Figures from 2016/17 show state-funded schools in England spent more than £584 million on gas and electricity and the average secondary school spends around £90,000 a year on energy. This funding will help the schools that receive it save around £1.8million a year, driving down the carbon footprint of the school estate and saving money in the process.

The money comes from the Salix Energy Efficiency Fund which is provided by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy and administered by Salix Finance Ltd.

Education Secretary Damian Hinds said:

“Schools are much more than just buildings; they are the centres of communities. Today’s funding will target those schools with some of the most urgent need - making sure children don’t have to spend time in buildings that aren’t fit for purpose.”

Gavin Holvey, Sales Manager UK & Ireland at Priva UK said:

“Children deserve to be educated in the very best of learning environments. We believe that investments in energy efficiency – such as upgrades to lighting, heating and ventilation can all contribute to a much pleasanter and healthier learning environment. And of course, if energy bills are reduced, schools can use those savings to put more funds in to front line educational services and the purpose of books and equipment.”

Priva UK is experienced in working with schools and colleges that wish to fund energy efficiency projects via routes such as Salix Finance.