The year 2019 is coming to an end. For Priva Building Automation, 2019 can be remembered as a year where we successfully digitized, innovated and grew together with our partners and customers.

We look forward to continuing our mission with you in 2020. A year in which we hope to create even better, more sustainable and healthy environments that allow people to thrive.

To end the year, our management would like to share a few strategic insights and highlights with you.

We hope you enjoy reading.
Happy holidays! 

The year 2019: innovation, digitization and growth

Most of you know that Priva is a family owned company. This can be seen and felt in the relationships with our partners, customers and colleagues. In September 2019 we celebrated our 60th anniversary. “That is 60 years of building the future”, says Jerry Vermaas, General Manager Priva Building Automation. “It fills us with pride that after 60 years, Priva is still developing smart technologies that result in healthy, comfortable and sustainable living environments”. Without our strong network of partners that would not have been possible.

Priva’s 60th anniversary was celebrated with the opening of our Growth Lab. As the value of our innovations best becomes visible in the environment in which they do their work - which is mostly behind closed doors - we decided to create a place where our solutions come to life. Our Growth Lab serves as the perfect place to showcase our latest innovations.

“All in all, 2019 was a year in which we not only grew in numbers and revenue, but also experienced international growth. We were present at various European events – including trade fairs in Frankfurt, London and Paris - where it was great to see how our EMEA team grew closer and our international colleagues supported each other. During these events, it became clear: Priva is playing to win.

The year 2020: connecting the dots

With 2020 approaching fast, we are more than ready to change the game. “As the demands of building owners and building users are increasing, we need to acknowledge that anticipating their needs is a must. Therefore, our focus will lie on assuring flexibility, as well as personal comfort and an integration with emphasis on user-centric features, so that building occupants can increasingly benefit from their surroundings”, says Peter Vandendriessche, VP Strategy & Commerce. Intelligent, cloud-connected buildings that aim to maximize personal comfort and minimize energy consumption will become the standard in 2020.
“The solutions that Priva is developing today, are a direct response to the challenges we will face tomorrow. By utilizing Artificial Intelligence and creating a Digital Twin, building operations can already be optimized based on data like occupancy, weather, thermal characteristics of a building and energy prices. In 2020 we plan to further develop these solutions – so, stay tuned.”

Giving back: Creating a sustainable future

The year 2019 can be remembered as a successful year. So successful, that our Building Automation department gained 8 new colleagues. Because we are aware of the fact that with each new colleague our environmental footprint increases, we decided to take action. In an effort to give back, we made a symbolic donation to a cause that lies close to our hearts.
For each new colleague that was hired in 2019, we chose to adopt a polar bear. With this adoption, we contribute to innovation, science and technology that protects polar bears and their natural habitat. As rising sea levels and temperatures can be experienced worldwide, we find it important to support research that tries to stop the melting of glaciers and sea ice.

Join us in creating a sustainable future