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Crop Cycle Manager

Phil Crop Cycle Manager gives you the ability to create a growing profile, allowing you to duplicate your success.

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  • Get organized

    Determine what needs to get done and devise your entire growth cycle.

  • Repeatable recipes

    Capture successful growing recipes and use them again and again.

  • Eliminate mistakes

    Get better results by using your time to fine-tune.

Managing the whole cycle

There’s a lot to manage when growing medicinal plants. You grow a variety of crops, all of which need specific attention. On top of that, each day of the growth cycle is different.

We created Phil Crop Cycle Manager to make growing easier. A grower can plan out the entire cycle from clone to harvest, and even after harvest. It gives you the chance to reuse successful growing profiles on your next growing cycles.
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Phil Crop Cycle Manager tracks the movement of your crops to give insight into what’s needed. It will assist you in managing climate, irrigation and labor. You can also access important data with the easy-to-use cloud-based platform.

Big wins using Phil Crop Cycle Manager:
  • Supplies a clear overview throughout the whole cycle.
  • Frees up the growers’ time.
  • Makes creating a successful crop cycle less dependent on the grower alone.
  • Gives great insights.
  • Lets you smoothly manage a variety of crops at the same time.
  • Makes necessary labor easy to predict and manage.

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