• Your building at your fingertips – anytime, anywhere

How does it work?

Stay connected to your buildings at all times, no matter where you are! Priva Building Operator is designed to make operating your building as simple as possible. The cloud-connected application offers real-time insight into the status of your building systems and allows you to make essential adjustments to your building management system from any device, flexible and easily.

  • Anytime anywhere any device

    Manage your building wherever and whenever it suits you, with any device.

  • Ease of Use

    Navigate your building and installation, easily change setpoints and weekly schedules.

  • Real time monitoring

    Monitor and visualize your building’s real-time performance with graphs.

  • Always up to date

    Priva Building Operator, such as other Priva online applications are regularly updated, automatically.

Mobile First, Cloud First

Priva Building Operator empowers your day-to-day operation by providing insights, assistance and full control over essential processes in your building. Indoor climate, lightning and energy consumption can be monitored and visualized via any smartphone, tablet or computer.

The easy set-up and installation of the application allows your Priva Partner to install Building Operator in no time. Afterwards the mobile first, cloud first approach allows him to assist you with any problem that your building might encounter in a time efficient and remote manner.

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How does it work?

Once the application is installed on your device, it connects to the cloud and gathers real-time information from your building management system. If your building management system identifies an issue with the temperature, lights or another installation inside your building, it will notify you straight away - no matter where you are.

As a result, the energy use and comfort levels inside your building will improve - which saves you time and money and creates happier people.

Moreover, the user-friendly application enables cross-functional cooperation. Via Priva’s One Identity, users can work with multiple buildings in one account and with multiple accounts for one building.

Reliable and secure connection

To assure data security and a reliable connection with the cloud, we have taken a series of steps:

Step 1: Microsoft Azure

We chose Azure because of the extensive security measures that Microsoft has taken and the platforms compliance with more than 75 local, regional and worldwide standards.


Step 2: Priva Cloud Connector

We use the cloud connector to provide a secure interface between the control system and the internet. To assure data security, the cloud connector only has outgoing connections. This makes it invisible to the outside world - and thereby eliminates unauthorised traffic to protect your data

Step 3: Access Control

The primary defense against unauthorized user access, is an authentication layer based on the OAuth2 protocol. Based on this authentication layer we built the Access Control overview that manages all user rights.

Find out how Priva secures your data

  • Icon Modification setpoint

    Setpoint modification

    Operate your building based on relevant data and trends

  • Icon website schematic

    Top Control Schematics

    View your building and installation schematics, just like you are used to. The user-friendly application feels instantly familiar.

  • Icon Manual override

    Manual override

    Set manual overrides of controls and clearly see when a control is overridden

  • Icon Alarms

    Alarm handling

    Integrated overview of building alarms with links to the source

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