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Priva TC Energy

Do you want to use the energy in your building really efficiently? Priva offers you Priva TC Energy to monitor and manage the energy consumption in your building. This enables you to put a stop to wasting energy and unlock instant opportunities for savings.

Priva TC Energy
  • Realtime data

    About gas, electricity, water, external heat and CO2-emissions

  • Clear insights

    All energy data in clear, graphically illustrated reports

  • Online solution

    Priva TC Energy is an online application, convenient and easy to use

  • Minimum investment costs

    Just subscribe to an online service

Manage your energy

Good energy management helps you to identify areas with high energy consumption. Especially these days, where energy-efficient buildings are more relevant than ever, a good energy management solution is indispensable.

Priva TC Energy allows you to put a stop to wasting energy and unlocks instant opportunities for savings, by providing insight into the energy consumption in your building. This allows you to get a better overview for determining your priorities. 

Priva TC Energy

Clear reports

TC Energy collects all the energy data from the building management system and uses it to produce graphically illustrated and easy-to-use reports. The zoom function of the interactive graphs offers you detailed insight into the consumed energy over various time frames.

Get rid of energy wasting habits and achieve CO2-reduction targets now.


You only need two things to get started with TC Energy:

  • Priva Building Management System, with optional sub-metering
  • A subscription to TC Energy

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  • Energy awareness leads to savings

    Clear insight creates a stronger energy awareness in the organization

  • Clear implementation

    Only limited engineering is needed

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