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Meet Phil

Phil is the innovation lab of Priva. Within Phil we develop innovations that can lead to new digital services and products for our customers. Customers can participate in these developments and think along with the process. 


Do you have ideas and challenges you’d like to discuss? Reach out to our team, they love to talk to you. 

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What we are working on right now

The digital services developed by Phil provide what growers need, allowing them to think about their entire crop and take action at that level.

  • Plantonomy

Plantonomy™ steers transpiration according to the natural biorhythm of the plant. It alters settings based on what the plant needs, when it needs it. And it does this all by itself.

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  • Grower Intelligence

Gain real insight from your greenhouse data and learn how to improve results with all the metrics for yield, plant growth, climate, and irrigation combined at the crop level.

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  • Crop Cycle Manager

Automate your recipe for growing. Crop Cycle Manager gives you the ability to create a growing profile, allowing you to duplicate your success.

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