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Priva Touchpoint Nano

A uniform design that combines standardization with comfort, modern styling and ease of use. Discover the Priva Touchpoint Nano: a control panel that allows your employees or visitors to create their own optimum indoor climate. 

Priva Touchpoint Nano
  • Control of lighting and cooling and ventilation

    Integrated in the same design as your switchgear

  • Easy and intuitive to use

    A simple interface that will be familiar to every user

Climate control

Priva Touchpoint Nano allows employees or visitors to control the temperature and desired ventilation via a simple interface that is sure to be familiar to them. With its integrated sensor, the Priva Touchpoint Nano measures the temperature and shows it on the display.
Priva Touchpoint Nano on wall

A uniform design

Priva Touchpoint Nano perfectly matches your switchgear.
The control panel with integrated backlighting connects seamlessly with switchgear from Busch-Jaeger, Gira and Feller Edizio. This allows you not only to create individual comfort, but also to ensure uniformity between your switchgear and the HVAC controller.
In this way, you can keep the design of your room crisp and clean. The user-friendliness of the control panel will definitely be appreciated by employees who have an important meeting. Because visitors are able to adjust the climate to their personal needs, they can still feel completely at home in a perhaps unfamiliar setting. 

  • Icon fits perfectly into switchgear

    Uniform design

    Connects seamlessly to Busch-Jaeger, Gira and Feller Edizio switchgear

  • Sleek design

    An integrated sensor and 4 digital inputs result in minimal cabling

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