New Software Release Priva Connext 909 and Priva Office Direct 9.1

Wednesday, July 12, 2017
  • Operate diffuse screens easily with PAR strategy

  • Use the precipitation radar function in the energy screen strategy

  • Optimal mixing ratio for air treatment based on wind speed and direction

  • Optimization and flexibility of Vialux M-line

  • Substrate start program for irrigation and application of fertilizers

  • Fully automatically determination of irrigation with Moisture Balance Module

Developments in technology and changes in users' needs form the basis for improvements and expansions in the annual software update for the Priva Connext process computer. In addition to new features, these updates contain important innovations in the areas of stability and security, which ensure that the software meets the ever-changing demands of today's world. The 2018 software release for your Priva Connext contains a number of up-to-date and important innovations. Want to know which one? Download the complete document below.

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