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Would you like to be able to access your Priva process computer anytime and anywhere? Now you can thanks to Priva Operator!

Priva Operator enables you to control your Priva Connext, Compact CC or Compass process computer remotely using your mobile device. It gives you real-time insight into all essential systems – such as climate, light, irrigation and water/energy consumption – from your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Thanks to the user-friendly interface with its intuitive dashboards and graphics, you can monitor and manage all the key operational processes, whenever and wherever it suits you.

Priva Operator is accessed through the secure My Priva platform and the Priva Gateway. My Priva is a central online environment that connects you to the Priva cloud services anytime and anywhere. The Priva Gateway securely exchanges the data from your Priva process computer with Priva Operator.

Would you like to register to use Priva Operator?

To register for Priva Operator, complete the form below. By registering, you accept the Priva cloud services general terms and conditions, so please read the terms and conditions first. Once you have registered, you will receive an e-mail containing more details about how to activate your account.