Desires and requirements in terms of labor are changing and buildings need to support those developments. Employees demand more flexibility for a healthy work-life balance. They want to spend their working hours as efficiently as possible and, above all, work in an inspiring and healthy environment. Priva and bGrid® make your building your personal assistant who makes this possible. A small revolution because: no separate solutions for single problems, but one system with all functionalities for an optimal working environment. Now and in the future.

Have you ever tracked how much time your employees lose a day because they:

  • Can’t find a parking space immediately
  • Must search for a free workplace
  • Can’t find a no meeting room for consultation
  • Are unable to locate colleagues
  • Are disturbed by uncomfortable temperatures or ambient noise?

And have you wondered how many square meters you really need? Or how sustainable your sustainable building really is, now that it is in use?

A lot of technology, even more solutions?

The technology for continuously improving work and work environments already exists. The only problem is that a lot of solutions have been introduced over time, which may have resulted in your building being packed with gadgets. This is not an attractive situation and it doesn’t result into an optimal working environment.

One system for everything

BGrid® and Priva integrate all solutions you need in one system. The bGrid® Smart Building Network is a wireless network of bGrid® nodes in your existing or new building. Sensors measure not only temperature, light, humidity, CO2 and presence, they also locate devices. In fact, the bGrid® Smart Building Network can connect everything in your building, even coffee machines.

bGrid illustratie

The building as a personal assistant

Thanks to bGrid®, the users of your building can adjust their working environment and comfort to their needs, book meeting rooms much faster and easily find their colleagues in the building, using any kind of smart buildings app, such as Mapiq and Winvision. That saves everyone a lot of time and prevents annoyance.

Facility managers gain insight into how the building is being used and are able to make an efficient cleaning schedule. Technical managers are provided with a clear dashboard that shows how the building performs and where opportunities for improvement can be found. And all this is only the beginning. bGrid® enables many additional features and the number is still growing. Think of smart parking and individual CO2 footprint monitoring.

Payback period less than one year

Current projects have proven that the use of bGrid® has a payback period of less than one year. Employees are more productive and happy, overall, the building performance is higher and you save significantly on energy and cleaning costs.

Priva and bGrid®: a unique combination

Priva is the first building management manufacturer that can deliver bGrid® in addition to its building management solutions. The open character of Priva’s software makes the connecting with bGrid® easy and fast.

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