E-learning specialist

Do you want to make an important contribution to Priva's ability to perform by capturing knowledge that needs to be shared? Are you enthusiastic about the extensive possibilities of e-learning? As a training specialist, you will ensure that the knowledge within Priva is shared in a scalable and efficient manner with Priva’s employees, partners and end-users.

  • Your passion is connecting people and sharing knowledge and insights

  • You are passionate about e-learning

  • Your ambition know no limits and you feel at home in the didactic digital world

  • You are critical of your own results and contribution

Priva creates a climate for growth. Priva's mission is to create an optimal environment in which both plants and people can work, grow and develop in the best possible way. We offer global solutions for horticulture, building automation and indoor growing. We are a leader in the development and production of technology for optimising environmental conditions and processes. We are therefore proud that our solutions result in lower consumption of natural resources, such as energy and water.

The Priva Academy team is responsible for capturing and distributing knowledge. Expert knowledge is recorded in e-Learning and made available to Priva’s employees, partners and end-users.

Currently, online training takes place in 64 countries and in 7 different languages. And we have about 3500 students using the Priva Academy. This number continues to grow. Our ambition is to train at least 5,000 students via e-learning within 3 years.

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E-learning specialist


Training & Documentation


HBO of vergelijkbaar



Contract Type

32-40 uur


De Lier - The Netherlands


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