• The best possible growing conditions

    Maintain a consistent supply of fresh fruit

  • Efficient water and fertilizer dosing

    Determine every irrigation cycle automatically with our irrigation start solution

  • A more sustainable business

    Use less natural resources like water and energy

  • Improved labor and production efficiency

    Reduce labor and operational costs by having a better insight into management information

Precision growing

When growing soft fruit, precision growing is crucial. You want to maintain a consistent supply of fresh fruit, while reducing the cost of production. Whatever berries you grow, having influence on and insight into the processes involved in your business is paramount to the business itself, and the crop. To guarantee success and create continuity, it is important to provide the ideal growing conditions for your crop.

Crop performance

By using our technological innovations and horticultural knowledge, you can optimize growing conditions and reduce damage from disease, pests and weather influences. By adapting the fertigation and climate to the plants’ needs, it is possible to increase yield quantity and quality. The greater uniformity of the crop will also help to increase predictability for your business.


"The Priva Root Optimizer was just what we needed, It has allowed us to better manage flower gutation which results in higher fruit quality and a lower cull rate. I affectionately call it a Fruit Optimizer",

Owner Southland Sod Farms Martin Gramckow

Labor and operational costs

Priva offers specialized management information systems. These provide you a better insight of labor and production. More accurate planning of labor and production ensures you to deliver on time and keep your promises. The increased insight will reduce labor and operational costs.

Water dosing

Especially for soft fruit growers, we designed an optimal irrigation start solution. This determines every irrigation cycle fully automatically based on three important influences: the quantity of water evaporated, the quantity of water used by the plant and the water content of the substrate. The result; precise and timely dosing of water and fertilizers so that your berries can develop themselves optimally.

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