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Indoor growing & vertical farming

  • Highly predictable yield year round

    Allow your crops to grow perfectly, just like your business

  • Optimal indoor climate

    Control all aspects of climate, energy and water management

  • Efficient use of resources

    90% less water use than in traditional greenhouses

  • Pesticide free

    A clean environment because of a closed system

A mission to fulfill

The world's population is growing rapidly. Many people are looking for a better life in the city; a career, more varied food, health and mobility. Worldwide, 200.000 people migrate to the city every day. All these people need fresh and healthy food. But the cities need land to produce the food they require, and sometimes the amount of land is not sufficient. We believe that growing indoors without daylight and climate influences will play a fundamental role in feeding the cities of tomorrow.

World leader in indoor climate control

We are world leader in developing and supplying sustainable technologies for the control of indoor environments within horticulture and buildings. For more than 50 years, we have invested in horticulture ánd building knowledge. This way, we can create the perfect circumstances for growing plants in an indoor facility today. It is therefore not a surprise that key players like Coneco and 80 Acres Farms are collaborating with us to develop the indoor growing industry for project engineering.

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Priva has been the undisputed global leader in controls and air treatment systems that are so critical to indoor growing.

CEO 80 Acres Mike Zelkind

Automate climate to your crop's needs

Control of the internal climate in your growing facility gives you influence over both the growth of your crops and the prevention of diseases and crop damage. We provide a range of solutions that allow you to monitor and accurately control any indoor environment.

Automate irrigation and save water

When water is scarce, economical and responsible water management is essential for productivity. Priva can supply you with an effective water management solution that will help you achieve maximum profitability.

Optimize lighting for growth & quality

For our turnkey indoor growing solutions, we use state-of-the-art led lighting. The dimmable and dynamic LED lighting allows the grower to provide the crop with the exact recipe needed for high-quality growth.

Use any device

Easily control your cultivation processes on any device, anywhere and anytime you want. Thanks to the clear interface with intuitive dashboards and graphs, it only takes a glance to see the state of your system and your crop. The dashboards give you control over all the parts connected to your installation, leaving you in charge of your processes at all times. Controlling, managing and engineering your indoor growing facility has never been this easy.

Any type of indoor growing facility

Because of our experience and developed solutions, we were able to combine the best parts of our two worlds: horticulture and building automation. Today, we can offer a full range of solutions for any type of indoor growing facility. From controls and irrigation technology to standardized 40ft and fully custom sized turn-key modules. Our solutions address water (hydroponics), climate & cultivation, and labor & management.

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