• Optimum quality

    And a constant production

  • Minimum consumption of energy

    And maximum reuse of water

Constant climate conditions

The flower is the most sensitive plant organ, so as a cut flower grower you need a great deal of care during cultivation. We understand that the greatest challenge for growers of cut flowers is to keep the climate conditions as constant as possible. An ornamental crop does not like climate shocks or extreme conditions. This means that quality risks are present at all times.

We can help you to go along with the rhythm of the crop as far as possible. With our innovative horticultural automation solutions, you will have all the processes and settings within the company at your fingertips. All your greenhouse equipment works together to achieve the optimum situation for the crop: air vents, heating, screens, assimilation lighting, CO2 dosage, ventilation, water dosage, misting and cooling. The result? Optimum quality, constant production, minimum consumption of energy and maximum reuse of water.

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Easy operation

Your crop will perform best when the lighting level, temperature and air humidity are all perfectly harmonized. The user-friendly set-up graphs in the Priva software make it easy to set a climate strategy, even if it is very complex. With our management information systems, you can align the climate strategy with your cultivation activities. It enables you to view labor performance and to link this with production and quality.

Priva devotes a great deal of attention to user-friendliness. Very advanced systems are running in the background, but operating is easy. Growers have an insight into the relevant data at all times and can concentrate on what really matters: producing and selling top-quality products.

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