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Climate control in public and municipal buildings

With Priva you can achieve an optimal climate for the people in your building. You can keep control of the TCO of your building management and prevent the operating costs from having an impact on your primary task.

  • Continuous Monitoring

    Continuous monitoring of your systems performance

  • Individual climate control

    Always the desired climate per room

  • Sustainability

    Our products have a long lifecycle and are very reliable

Are you looking for the best climate control for your building? We know how you can achieve the optimal climate for the people in your building, while keeping the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of your building management as low as possible.

Climate control for each room

The rooms in your building are often used in different ways. You can change the settings for the temperature, light, air humidity, CO2 content and security systems for each room.

Central controller

Our central controllers link your various systems to one system. This system is easy to use and the settings for your spaces can be changed at any time. Even when organizational changes are made, you can easily reassign the individual controls.

Insight in use

We continuously monitor the performance of your systems. You have 24/7 insight and we advise you, if desired, of possible improvements. This allows you to make considerable savings. You keep control of the TCO of your building management and prevent the operating costs. This means that you have all the time for your primary tasks, such as providing care, studying, teaching or operating.


We feel responsible for the earth and how will pass it on to future generations. Our products are reliable, have a long lifecycle and enable you to use scarce natural resources, as efficiently as possible.

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