Priva Grower Intelligence

Data, the new #1 fertilizer

Monitoring application for gaining insights into crop development and optimizing results & predictable yields.

Grower Intelligence is a cloud-based application, providing insight into the development of your crop in relation to your plan. Based on your crop registrations and crop pictures. You will get detailed information about all underlying parameters, such as climate and irrigation, that led to these results. This gives you all the insights you need to improve results and manage a predictable cultivation. Currently, Grower Intelligence is available as a pre-release for tomato and pepper growers with the support of our consultants.

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Discover real insights

Greenhouses generate a lot of data: production figures, labour registration, climate data, and water use to name just a few. In addition, you may grow a variety of crops in different compartments — maybe even in several locations.

It’s challenging and time-intensive to figure out what all these metrics really mean for your crops. Grower Intelligence makes your data truly insightful and helps you to improve settings and maximize your yield. 

Priva Grower Intelligence Dashboard

Easy access to detailed insights

You no longer need to mix and match data sources yourself. In Grower Intelligence you can quickly superimpose various parameters on climate conditions, irrigation, crop development and production. Making it easy for you to find out why a crop is developing in a certain way. And if you want to know how the current crop is developing compared to a crop from the past or a crop in another location, you can easily select crops you want to compare for a 1-to-1 comparison. 

Autonomous management of your crop

When using Grower Intelligence, you can also choose to have your greenhouse controlled autonomously by Plantonomy. This digital service requires an additional subscription. Plantonomy controls the irrigation and ventilation in your greenhouse every five minutes throughout the day, based on smart algorithms that exactly know how much water and ventilation the plant needs at each time of day to achieve optimal crop development according to the set crop schedule.

You only have to determine the strategy you want to follow, and Plantonomy will do the rest. That saves you a lot of time, because you no longer need to adjust dozens of computer settings every day. Time you can use to manage a larger cultivation area or multiple locations. Want to know more about the autonomous management of your greenhouse? Read more about Plantonomy here.

Try Grower Intelligence at your greenhouse!

Currently, Grower Intelligence is available as a pre-release for tomato and pepper growers with the support of our consultants. Want to take your data to the next level? Fill in the short form below, and we will get in touch about our beta program. 

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